Tips for successful phone interviews

It’s important to be well-equipped for a phone interview and the notion that without preparation, a candidate’s chances of progressing to the next stage of the hiring process is diminished. We now shift our focus to the phone interview itself and share strategies for job seekers to help establish rapport with their interviewer and conduct a successful follow-up to the call.

Five Tips to Secure an In-Person Interview:

Use a Landline – Minimize the risk of interference of dropped calls or poor reception. If this is not a viable option, ensure you have sufficient battery charge and a strong signal.

Take the Call Standing Up, Smile – Standing up while taking the call will project your self-confidence and energy to the interviewer. Smile during the interview to cast a positive tone in your voice and your image. Walking around encourages the fluidity of the call, allowing you to sound natural and not stifled in confined spaces.

Stay Engaged and Remain Interested – The phone screening process allows you to gauge your level of interest in the role and whether you wish to further explore the opportunity. Respect the interviewer’s time by staying engaged and putting your best foot forward. This may not be your dream job, but with a solid conversation, they may keep you in mind for future roles.

Verify the Next Step – Before ending the call, be sure to understand what the next steps are and what’s expected and required of you moving forward.

Write a Thank You Note – Send a thank you note after the interview. An email is acceptable, however this should be sent within an hour or two after the call. Reiterate your interest and restate your motivation and qualifications in the note.

As active recruiters who prepare candidates for phone interviews on a consistent basis, we are always seeking to further develop and build upon these suggestions. I look forward to hearing the strategies you have found successful and additional ideas to ensure your progression from phone call to handshake.

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