What Makes Us Different

In partnering with our network of recruiters, our clients appreciate that we actually have professional IT experience. Unlike many in our industry, we don’t hire sales people and try to make them technology experts. We hire technology industry professionals and leverage their network and expertise. This is an often overlooked aspect of selecting a recruiting partner that you can trust throughout your career!

For Job Seekers

Our corporate and business clients have a choice of several compensation and fee structures when retaining us to fill required positions. You, as the job seeker, incur no fees to use our placement services and website. It is our goal to find you the best technology role that will help you advance your career and keep you up to date on the most modern software and IT practices.

Investment in Technology = Efficiency

Our investment in the latest technology allows us to maximize our efforts in the shortest period of time. Unlike some recruiting firms, we do not rely solely on job ads to build our network (in fact they are last on our list!). We actively recruit and market our client opportunities as well as our best candidates to our vast network. Our leading technology gives us the edge to make that happen.

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