LinkedIn – A networking tool that keeps you connected

LinkedIn has been operating as a well-oiled machine in recent years and remaining under the radar of scrutiny, however even the best performers need a tune-up from time to time. You may have already noticed the tweaks and tools on the site in recent weeks.

The transformation accelerates from a network of intertwined professionals, to a social content sharing platform where users encounter a sleek, modern design with instantaneous user-interface updates. The simplicity of the design offers users the maneuverability to further showcase their profiles while encouraging engaging interactions among users and groups alike. With this being said, the time is of the essence to cultivate your online persona. Read more

Leverage Social Media for career advantages

From Twitter to LinkedIn and Facebook to Pinterest, social media has engulfed our culture and continues to grow in popularity, both in the workplace and from the comfort of our homes. Personal interconnectivity has grown exponentially and the behaviors of digital social engagement have developed into an effortless stream of consciousness. Through this process, we have ignited a generation of socially active users who willingly disperse information to professional acquaintances, family across the globe, and people with whom they have never met or previously communicated. Read more

Personal Branding With Social Media

Social media provides the opportunity for potential employers to gain their first impression of you, even before the initial handshake. Like executive recruiters, many employers are now utilizing social networking sources to vet and uncover information about candidates not included in a resume. In a socially savvy and digitally transparent society, we are plugged in, tuned in and connected. Read more