During the Interview – Things To Expect

Because each interviewer is different, there are many types of interviews. Some interviewers are skilled at interviewing; others are not. Some are talkative; others let you do most of the talking. Most interviews, however, will range from open-ended, in which the interviewer asks questions and lets you do most of the talking, to the highly structured, in which the interviewer asks many specific questions following a planned format. Many interviews will fall between these extremes; you should be prepared for any style.

You will have approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to convince the interviewers that you are the best person for the position. It is important to make sure you use this time effectively.


  • It’s vital that both parties exchange information, so keep the balance of the conversation flow 50/50.
  • Give concise but thorough responses to questions and never take longer than 2 minutes to finish answering.
  • Plan answers for the following points and try to introduce them into the conversation:
    • your skills and experience relevant to the position.
    • your career achievements.
    • why the position is a good fit with your career objectives.
  • Avoid asking about salary or benefits in early interviews.
  • Always speak positively about previous employers, jobs, colleagues and customers.
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