Do I need to come in for an interview?

The first step in working with our Technical Advisers is to Submit Your Resume here. One of our recruiters will review your submission and will contact you to learn more about you & your goals. After a phone interview, the recruiter will review with you the appropriate next steps & will set expectations.  It is our practice to take the time needed on our phone conversations to not require a face to face meeting, unless otherwise requested.

If you do not hear from us right away, do not panic! It simply means that your skill set & experience may not directly match any of our clients’ specific immediate needs. However, we do our best to respond to all applicants as quickly as possible, so that you know where you stand with us.  Often times, even though we may not have a direct role today, perhaps we can offer you free referrals and expertise to indirectly help with your search today, which may lead to direct placement with us the next time you become available.

Why do we strive for this standard?

We know the Seattle area is a small market in many ways, and we want to leave you with the best impression of the service we provide so that we are the top place on YOUR list to call (and tell your friends about as well!)

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